Concrete Countertops Houston


Some materials for kitchen countertops are on-trend at the moment, including concrete. Durable and hard as slate or granite, concrete can be a superior fit in modern kitchen styles than any of those natural stones since it oozes a cutting edge, contemporary, industrial aesthetic. Adding to the overall appeal is the truth that concrete would now be able to be acid-stained, etched, sealed, and stamped to make a countertop surface, unlike some other materials available. Contemporary concrete kitchen countertops are not cold pieces of gray concrete anymore (unless you like that). In general, they are glimmering, warm surfaces that are absolutely functional and in addition, surprisingly stylish.

While concrete countertops in Houston TX are, in some cases poured and formed on-site, more frequently, they are created in shops after a specialist takes exact measurements of your kitchen area and talks about all finish alternatives with you. In the shop, structures are constructed, and the countertop is poured, along with whatever sink patterns, tinge, or added substances requested. During creation, the countertop slabs are generally reinforced with metal mesh or fiber of some kind to provide them with rigidity and strength. After production, the countertop is permitted to cure completely and the surface might be polished and ground to whatever finish the customer has mentioned. A sealer is applied, frequently a tough epoxy. When curing and finishing is done, an installation team cautiously delivers the countertop to the worksite and assembles it.

As a part of the establishment, the team may assemble or introduce support frames for kitchen sinks since it is significant that the countertop itself not carry the heaviness of the sink. In case that the sink is an under-mount style, it is set up first, and then the countertop is introduced over it. The countertop is typically clung to the cupboards with construction adhesives after they carefully shimmed and leveled it.

Concrete Countertops Houston TX

houston concrete countertopsConcrete countertops in Houston have numerous characteristics, particularly its ability to be formed and shaped to precisely match your kitchen measurements and finished exactly as you prefer. With other countertop materials, you are frequently restricted to whatever styles and colors are available, but concrete provides you a more extensive scope of alternatives. When it comes to giving a comparable range of options, only ceramic tile can keep up.

Meanwhile, in case you are conditioned to consider concrete as a utilitarian structure material utilized for foundations and slabs, you may envision that concrete countertops are inexpensive and simple to install. Nothing could be further from reality. Concrete is a top of the line, premium material when utilized in kitchen countertops, and creating them needs a great deal of skill and expertise. These are among the more costly of all countertop materials.

Here are a couple of the advantages of concrete countertops Houston. They can be formed and made to fit any kitchen design. You cannot scratch concrete and it’s impenetrable to heat. You can embed materials like stones, glass fragments, shells, and fiber-optic lights. Concrete makes for an entirely tough and durable surface that can last a long time. With regular sealing, the surface of concrete countertop Houston is simple to keep tidy and maintain.

Concrete countertops typically enhance property value as a “top-notch” material. Provided that the countertop has been sealed at first with a decent quality epoxy sealer, routine maintenance requires only the use of a water-based wax sealer within 9-12 months. Yearly sealing will guarantee the surface opposes staining and will reduce the odds of a concrete countertop cracking after some time.