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Concrete work is a challenging and messy job, but those who do it love the idea that they can build something extraordinary that’ll last for years. Concrete Contractors Houston TX takes pride in servicing the Greater Houston area and the state of Texas, with quality and efficient service all the time.

As a concrete company in Houston, we provide concrete services and other related services, including site prep, truck wells, concrete repair, and underground storm drainage. Since our establishment, aside from building stable concrete structures, we’ve also been creating solid, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our dedicated team will do anything to give you the amazing service and quality output that you deserve. If you want a job done with high-quality standards and on time, Concrete Contractors Houston is what you’re looking for.


Advantages of Working with Concrete Contractors Houston TX

Concrete is the most frequently utilized material in construction, and it’s used to create walls, floors, roads, and even more. It works as the foundation of the structures that we live, play, and work in.  If the foundation isn’t constructed well from the very start, when that strength is needed the most, the results are often tragic and very expensive.

On account of its significance, it’s important for Concrete Contractors Houston to have their own strong foundation—a great team. When an organization’s team is paid and treated well, they become invested in the organization’s achievement and, in this way, more productive in their place of work. What may appear as a big sum turns into an investment in your company since great employees that perform well will earn you more projects. Learn more about us by visiting our About Us page!

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In any considerable business development venture, the schedule is the gauge of the wellbeing of the task. With a concrete contractor Houston TX, it’s imperative to consider an abundant lead time to accommodate the various phases of site preparation, placing, forming, and finishing.

Site Prep – Some concrete companies in Houston utilize their own site prep, incorporating backfill and excavation. Rocks and bushes are totally removed. The ground is leveled, compacted, and graded to guarantee that it can satisfactorily support the structure’s load necessities for a long time and under extreme climate conditions. When the ground isn’t properly prepared to take into consideration the settling of dirt or moisture, this can make the concrete fracture and endanger the integrity of the structure.

Formwork – The excellence of concrete is its capacity to be filled into any shape that a plan dictates. This is achieved through formwork, which makes the concrete placement mold and keeps the concrete in place while the mixture solidifies. Contingent upon how the concrete is used, the structures can be permanent or temporary and can be set using metal, wood, or plastic. There’ve been incredible strides in formwork like prefabrication that have enabled formwork to be more efficient, affordable, and less work-intensive.

Placement – After all the preparation and site work, it’s time for the exciting part when the concrete gets filled into the structures. Utilizing rakes and shovels, the team will pour the concrete into the appropriate forms.

Finishing – Like the site preparation, when the concrete is poured, it must be consolidated and compacted to guarantee there are no air pockets. In cases where applicable, finishing additionally incorporates creating any decorative components to the concrete like design, color, or detailed work.

Crushed Concrete Houston? We’ve got you!

Crushed concrete consists of asphalt debris from other development projects that’re reused to make pathways, driveways, and garden beds among other things. When any concrete structure, sidewalk, or parking area is demolished, that concrete is normally kept in a landfill. Concrete isn’t biodegradable and won’t deteriorate — so it stays there, occupying room and causing natural issues. At the same time, new concrete is all the while made to start the procedure again. Fortunately, there’s an alternative option to this impractical and wasteful procedure—recycling!

Recycling crushed concrete to be reutilized decreases landfill overflow and spares more resources from being used to make new concrete. The concrete can be squashed down to exact sizes, cleaned with the goal that undesirable debris is expelled from the blend, and reused as a solution for various landscaping and construction issues. 


Crushed concrete can be reutilized to make lovely walkways in your home or business. To ensure that your walkway appears as uniform as possible, we ensure that the bits of crushed concrete are all from one development site. This will likewise guarantee that they’re simpler to frame into your way since they’ll all be comparative sizes. Utilizing uniform pieces will also prevent water from invading your floors and causing harmful runoff.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds give numerous advantages like enhancing drainage and warmer soil. These advantages enable faster growth in the spring. Crushed concrete laid in layers is the ideal drainage base for making a raised garden bed.

Retaining Walls

Layering crushed concrete is additionally a terrific method to make a retaining wall and control erosion on inclines or slopes in your yard. Various sizes of crushed concrete can work together to help avoid erosion. A layer of tinier, more separated crushed concrete as a base will add to the wall’s durability. Following with layers of larger reused concrete stuffed with dirt will make an even and delightful retaining wall.


Smaller, more broken up concrete is a superb drainage option compared to gravel.


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Concrete countertops provide a totally customizable, high-quality surface popular in bathrooms, kitchens, and open areas outdoors, as well as in bars and restaurants. Concrete counters combine usefulness and magnificence. Also, they’re characteristically sturdy and easy to clean and maintain.

The best advantage is that the customization choices are practically unlimited. You’ll have the option to pick the specific shading and shape you need, choose a one of a kind profile, include embeds, or polish the surface for a sparkly finish. Concrete can keep its natural grey or be modified to duplicate the look of marble, granite, or even wood.

Surfaces and finishes are flexible in coordinating with any structural style, such as conventional, industrial, contemporary, modern, or rustic. You can incorporate personalized custom features into your counters, such as trivets, drainboards, or cutting boards. Stone aggregates or decorative glass can be included in the blend to make a more lovely stone-like appearance. Or, on the other hand, take your design to the next level by incorporating lighting or a stenciled logo. The final product is a genuinely unique counter with loads of character.

Durability is another positive component. Most concrete contractors strengthen the mix by including glass fibers, allowing the counter to be both extraordinarily solid and lightweight. Reinforcement enables long, consistent ranges, and in any event, brave overhangs impractical with granite or other materials. An additional advantage is that glass fiber reinforced cement (GFRC) is far less inclined to split. If you want to hire the best concrete countertop service provider, Concrete Contractors Houston is here for you.


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Stamped concrete, frequently called imprinted or textured cement, replicates stones, including slate and flagstone, brick, tile, and even wood. The wide assortment of pattern and color decisions makes it highly popular for decorating porches, pool decks, carports, and that’s just the beginning. Furthermore, it’s an inexpensive paving alternative that needs less upkeep than different materials.

Due to its prevalent solidness and climate resistance, colored and stamped concrete is the ideal decision to bring the high quality look of brick, stone, or wood to porches, pool decks, carports, walkways, and yards.

From a stylish outlook, stamped concrete is difficult to beat regarding pattern and shading alternatives, which are practically boundless. Numerous individuals get motivation from their encompassing landscape or home’s engineering style and pick colors and patterns that mix with existing tile, stone, or textured concrete components. For instance, if your home has a brick exterior, consider continuing that theme with a basic brick-designed border, or pick a color and pattern plan that connects to your encompassing landscape.

Natural stone patterns like flagstone, slate, and fieldstone are the most widely recognized, followed by cobblestone, brick, and wood. Patterns are pressed into the concrete even with complicated projects like with fountains and steps.

When compared with other alternatives, stamped concrete exceeds expectations in numerous categories:

Customization: No other surface provides the various pattern and color options and complete customization that’s possible with stamped concrete.

Upkeep: With little maintenance, stamped cement can persevere for a considerable length of time, while other surfaces like natural stone or precast pavers require regular maintenance to avoid weeds from growing and breaking down the joints loaded up with sand.

Installation: Stamped concrete installation is quicker than setting precast pavers or natural stone.

Cost: Pouring stamped concrete will, for the most part, impressively cost not as much as introducing natural stone surfaces; and albeit some lower-end paver choices may, at first, have a lower cost than stamped concrete, they may wind up costing more over the long haul with repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

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